Amazon Consulting

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Amazon Consulting

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“Help we want to increase lead generation 100% by year-end.”

Amazon Consulting helps high tech companies build and manage their partner relationships through strategy and custom portal development. They had a goal of increasing new business leads 100% by the end of 2009. They asked Beasley Direct to help them achieve this goal.

We identified several areas to help them generate more leads. The first step involved making it easier to track and manage lead generation. We implemented as the master lead database. We then implemented ExactTarget as the email service provider, and interfaced it through an API to They could then measure the performance of their email and banner ad campaigns, and also seamlessly pull lists from to use in ExactTarget.

Second, we looked at the email communications they were sending, and re-designed them to establish a fresh brand and to be more deliverable. We optimized the emails to go through spam filters, to be cross-browser compatible, readable in pane viewing, blocked images and mobile viewing.

The first email we optimized was the eNewsletter. It is a pithy and well-written newsletter, though readership had fallen over time. So we re-designed it to be more deliverable and more skim-able. The result: The first re-designed eNewsletter achieved 100% lift in unique click through.

We then proceeded to optimize their webinar invitation and general communication emails. We created templates for each email, and set the templates up in ExactTarget to be easily edited.

Third, we did some early testing using rented email lists, and learned very quickly that they did not perform nearly as well as the internal lists they were building through SEO and blogs. So they shifted more marketing budget behind these efforts to accelerate list building. We then used the lists to gain subscribers to the eNewsletter and webinar attendance. All of which accelerated their lead generation and helped them get closer to their goals.