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Keyword Research Services and SEO Language Audit

Knowing the right keywords your potential customers use to find your services or products is key to successful SEO ROI. Finding those keywords is what our keyword research services professionals will do.In addition, our Google Partner logo — our keyword research services pros are certified

Analyzing your market’s keywords and “language” through a keyword research audit using semantic analysis finds the best terms and topics used by searchers. Then, we examine the presentation of those terms on your site. We review competitors’ sites as well as your own. If your competition is consistently ranking higher it may be due to the successful use of certain keywords. Or, they focus better on a specific subject/topic.

A Professional SEO Solution will Drive Traffic and Your ROI

Searchers are finding your competitors’ sites first, not yours. Changing the game is what our keyword research services professionals will do for your business.

Identifying keywords, language and topics that drive the most qualified traffic to your site is our goal. Taking the information we’ve learned we craft high performing page titles, meta descriptions and headings. This helps drive clicks from the search engines.

The location of your keywords on the page is also a key element to attracting Google. And, by extension, the user’s attention to your most relevant content. Google’s search algorithm reads in the following order:

  • Page titles first (the text in the frame at the top of the browser)
  • Headlines, then
  • Subheads.

And, your keywords may be on the page, but not where they can be easily seen. Keyword analysis shows you what needs correcting and offers suggestions on how to go about it. You’ll also learn where you might be using too many keywords too close to one another, a process called “keyword stuffing”. Search engines penalize sites for stuffing.

Keyword research audits can be humbling. Often the terms you think are important—perhaps slogans woven into your corporate culture—turn out not to be what people are looking for. This is a good reason to hire an objective third party keyword research service provider, such as Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, to do it for you. A detailed report is delivered with recommendations that can be implemented either internally, or by working with us.

In conclusion, your improved ROI is the success goal of our keyword research. Get your free consultation today.

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Beasley Direct and Online Marketing is extremely well acquainted with all things SEO. My company, Direct Marketing Partners hired them to help with SEO (on page) search and the team was quite helpful in not only performing the work, but also in explaining what they were doing with respect to key words.  We undertook a hybrid model whereby BDOM started me off and taught me how to optimize the pages. They were very adept at modifying content to meet both my goals as well as those for SEO purposes.  All in all, it was a great start.  SEO is a huge undertaking and I recommend the BDOM team.
— Debra DaCosta — President — Direct Marketing Partners
keyword research services
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keyword research services
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Knowing the right keywords your potential customers use to find your services or products is key to successful SEO ROI.